Patient Information

Many patients think a sleep test means a hospital bed and needles.

NOT TRUE at Sleep Diagnostics of Fremont!

Our tests are non-invasive (no needles) and can actually be an enjoyable, relaxing experience. We have cozy robes, aromatherapy, soft music and comfy beds waiting for you. We’ll even leave a mint on your pillow! Read a little about what you can expect during a sleep test with us:

When having a sleep test performed at Sleep Diagnostics of Fremont, you will be greeted by your certified technician and will be shown to your guest room. You will be asked to put on your pajamas and to get ready for bed. Next, the technician will attach many little sensors to your face, chest, fingers, scalp and legs. These sensors are very small and weigh almost nothing. The sensors are attached to a small portable device, so should you need to visit the restroom during the night, you can do so wearing your sensors. You will be able to roll from side to side for comfort. We suggest that you bring your own pillow, a book or anything you use to help you sleep comfortably at night.

After being educated about your test and hooked up to the sensors (a process that will take 30-45 minutes) you will drift to sleep in one of our cozy bedrooms. Using the newest technology, our technicians will monitor your sleeping from a separate control room. Some patients say they sleep better here than they do at home!

In the early morning, your technician will remove the sensors and you will be free to leave. In the days following your test, the data will be scored by the technicians and then sent to our Board Certified Sleep Medicine doctor for interpretation. The final results will be sent to your referring doctor. Should your test results indicate that you are positive for a sleep disorder, we will happily work with your physician to ensure you get the best treatment available.